Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Main Hawa Hoon Kahaan Watan Mera - Ghazal

Well to say that I have come a long way would be mildly understating the fact that a couple of years ago the only songs you would find playing on my laptop would have been classified under the heading "Metal". But nowadays a different genre of songs can be found on my laptop too. As my previous post would have pointed out, this genre is "Ghazal".
So in keeping with my new found admiration for ghazals, I stumbled across this gem of a song by Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain, called Main Hawa Hoon Kahan Watan Mera (which basically means "I am the wind, where is my country?"). Well to say that I stumbled across it would be wildly inaccurate as the credit should go to Ranjeet Rajwada and his rendition of the same song on an episode of SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstars.

Even after searching for the lyrics on the internet I could not find any... which is a sort of injustice to this beautiful song. So here are the lyrics, as I understood it. (Do feel free to correct them if I am wrong)

Main Hawa Hoon Kahan Watan Mera

ab kahaan hoon.. kahaan nahi hoon main
ab kahaan hoon.. kahaan nahi hoon main
jis jagah hoon wahaan nahi hoon main

kaun awaz de raha hai mujhe
koi keh de yahaan nahi hoon main

main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera
dasht mera na ye chaman mera

mai ke har chand ek khaana nashin
anjuman anjuman suhan mera
dasht mera na ye chaman mera
main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera

barg-e-gul par charag sa kya hai
choo gaya tha use dahan mera
dasht mera na ye chaman mera
main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera

mai ke toota hua sitara hoon
kya bigaregi anjuman mera
dasht mera na ye chaman mera
main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera

har ghadi ek naya takaza hai
dard sar ban gaya badan mera
dasht mera na ye chaman mera
main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera
main hawa hoon kahaan watan mera

The original song can be heard here.


prank_i_used_to_be said...

u must upgrade ur search engine my friend :)
it's lyrics were the first thing i lukd for after listenin to dis song by Ranjeet Rajwaada...! His version, was so perfect, (for me better than Hussains).

For d ghazal, i m jus love wid dis one, it may sound awkward, but i listen to it, atleast once, daily (ranjeet's version).

m in love wid it :) so wid many oder ghazals...!!

so meaningful lyrics, so soothing feel, who gives a shit to shiela now ;)

Protik Roychowdhury said...

if you could give me the link it would be awesome... then i could correct my version

i still dont find it though :(

prank_i_used_to_be said...

aaj nahin mil raha :)

may b high ho gaye the sunn ke, ki kahin dikh gaya hoga :P

kudos for d sincere effort pro :)

Shrey said...

Nice :)

Srijan Das said...

welcome to the world of ghazals ... atlast

soumitra kapri said...

great work... and the credit goes to the exams.. only b'coz of that anyone can put this much effort on anything!

Jalaj Soni said...

The description you gave before the lyrics is almost the same as for me.
I have started listening to this wonderful genre recently and find it one of the most serene genres of music.

I was searching for this ghazal's lyrics too.
Thanks a lot.
BTW, you must be listening to Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan as well, right?
He is the greatest Ghazal singer EVER, in my eyes.

shukla ji said...

bhai, u hv done very gud, i likd it so much. Ranjeet hs filled so much respect for ghazals in youngsters heart.
Dis is an awesum composition.


awesome yar.thanks

uzma said...
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MasKaRineZ said...

In 2nd paragraph

It's anjuman anjuman shukhan mera.


Anjuman anjuman suhan mera.

The word is sukhan.

prabhat said...

just stumbled upon your's beautiful...and so are the lyrics..Main Hawa Hoon, Kahan Watan Mera..i must say that you should keep writing....

prabhat said...

Just stumbled upon your BLOG..and honestly speaking, i loved your, just keep on writing and share your experiences at IIT far as the lyrics of 'Main Hawa Hoon' are concerned, they are just fabulous..

Divi.m said...

hi prank_i_used_to_be .
can u plzzzzzz email me the link to ranjeet's rajwada's version of this song. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

NISHCHAY said...

After listening Azmat (lil champ), I was looking for the lyrics of this Ghazal, thanks. I am putting meanings of some of difficult words for people who do not know urdu very well (like me),

dasht, s.m. A desert, a steppe, an arid plain; a forest:
mai, Wine; spirituous liquor:
H خنا ḵẖannā, s.m. Conceit, vanity: pride
Nashin - ??????
anjuman - Assembly, meeting, company, society, institution; party, banquet.
P سخن suḵẖun, suḵẖan, or saḵẖun - Speech, language, discourse, word, words;
barg-ě-gul, s.m. Leaf of a rose; (met.) lip of a mistress.
dahan, Fire; burning, combustion, conflagration;

Also note below link for urdu words understanding,

remunanath said...

Could someone translate it to English please

Sreejith said...

Thank u for the lyrics.. in fact i came across this song very recently when i heard Azmat singing.. Being from the southern part of India, picking up Urdu is a bit difficult for me. But as it is said, music doesnt have any languages..


rbahl said...

Thanks for the lyrics ! Can someone explain the meaning of this amazing amazing composition ?? Since I am not well versed in Urdu, an explanation would really help me appreciate the Gazal much better !

lakshmikanth Itnal said...

Ranjeet Rajwaada is the best undoughtedly. He is of master class and i feel he is such a nayaab singer once love to hear his gazals. Hats off to you my dear friend.

nimish said...


sj said...

beautiful lyrics!!

sj said...

beautiful lyrics!!

saabbi said...


Saurabh Bawa Singer said...

i love this one ya, and thnx fo da lyrics....

parvin sharma sharma said...

u r great sir ji

pranav giri said...

Also look for Raahat ghazals sung by Ahmed Hussain n Mohmd Hussain.
The whoel album is beautiful !!

Natasha said...

Who wrote this song? Could someone help me out with this?

Ravi Trivedi said...

Mr Ameeq Hanaf is the writer of the song. Original Ghazal was part of the Guldasta Album of Ahmed Hussain and Mohammad Hussain in 1990's. Guess some of you were too small then, but I heard the original one for a long time.

ZORO said...

This beautiful ghazal was written by Amiq Hanfi.
Amiq Hanfi,(Hunfi, Hanafi, Hanfee) Amiq Hanfi, Poet, critic, musicologist, 1928 - 88
Amiq Hanfi(Urdu b.1928) is a well-known writer, critic and peot of Urdu. Though he started comprising poetry in 1952, Amiq Hanfi made his mark as a poet with his controversial long poem, Sindbad(1964),a poem in which he uses the legendry figure of Sindbad in the modern perspective and portrays him wandering in search of a new faith which leads him to Greek and Hindu mythology, thus symbolising the existence of the past in our beings,howsoever, we may desire to be liberated from it.
Born at Mhow Cantt (Distt. Indore (M.P.) Abdul Aziz Amiq Hanfi received his primary education at Indore and then studied at Dewas (M.P.) from where he passed his High School(1946) and Intermediate (1948) Examinations. Then, again, he went to Indore for higher education and took his M.A. Degree in Politics(1950) and History (1952). He began his career as a teacher. Later on in 1956 he got employed as a Hindi Script writer at All India Radio, Bhopal. He gradually rose to the position of Station Director, Which post he has held since 1977.
Amiq Hanfi started his literary career by writing in Urdu and Hindi simultaneously. His work which first came to be publised in book form was a collection of Hindi poems, entitled Sanson ka Sangit (1955). Apart from Sindbad,Amiq wrote another long poem, Salsala-tul-Jaras(1974), which is a unique experiment of employing Urdu free verse for rendering Nat (a poetic form written to culogise the Prophet) and expressing the relevance of the Quran and Hadith ( the sayings of the Prophet) in the context of the modern complex world. Amiq Hanfis other works are Sang Payrahan (Poetry-1958), Shab Gasht (Poetry 1969), Shajar-i-Sada(collection of Nazams 1975) in urdu and Aine Ka Chorus (Plays 1979) and Ustad Rajab Ali Khan (Biography) 1982 in Hindi.
His Gazal sung by (Guldasta — Ustad Ahmed Hussain & Muhammed Husain) "Main Hawa Hoon Kahan Watan Mera -

ZORO said...
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Unknown said...

No rendition of Mai Hawa Hoon is complete without this 10 year old (2011) SA-RE-GA-MA-PA lil champs Azmat Huassain's.
Check it out in YouTube: